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Autistic Disorder vs. Asperger's Disorder

-Measurement of functioning across disciplines (Pediatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry, Speech-Language, Education)-Non-specific Screening: screens for deficits in language, behavior, cognitive skills, motor skills, social skills, and self-help skills-Autism Specific Screening: Targets behavioral manifestations of ASD and helps determine whether evidence of that specific disability exists i.e. CHAT, M-CHAT, STAT

A multidisciplinary team come together to conduct more intensive evaluations.

If results suggest ASD...

1. Autistic Disorder2. Asperger's Disorder3. Rett Disorder4. ChildhoodDisintegrative Disorder5. Persuasive Developmental Disorder

What is ASD?

Identifying and Screening

Autism Spectrum Disorder

-Understand that students' behaviors communicate needs and feelings-Give prompt attention and establish eye contact with students-Be flexible and provide accommodations-Understand and engage parents

Teaching students with ASD in Inclusive Classrooms

Karen is a 3rd grader who has been diagnosed with Autism Disorder, she is in an inclusive classroom and has been since she started school. Her teacher this year has been struggling with keeping her attention while she is instructing and giving directions. She also has been displaying unusual behaviors, such as hand flapping and rocking. Her teacher has little experience with students with Autism and is not sure what methods or strategies to use with this student.

We're going to get into groups of 5!

How does Sheldon exhibit characteristics of ASD?

Typical characteristics include:Life long difficulties in social interactionDeficiencies in communication skillsRigid interests and behaviors



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