Asch study - conformity

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Asch study - conformity

Group Size:Asch varied group sizes in his experiments. His results showed that conformity increased with group size, up to 4 people. After 4 conformity didn't increase significantly.

Unanimity:Asch's experiment shows that if your answer is different to the rest of the group it is hard to stand out as a individual against a group .

Factors That Effect Conformity

Asch Study - Conformity

Asch's Study:Asch's study was only based in the USA. His experiment was to see if someone would conform if a group of people with them said the wrong answer to a question asked. His study's showed that about 75% of the particiant agreed with the confederates wrong answer and 25% disagreed.

Conformity: The tendency to adjust ones thoughts, feelings and behaviour in ways that are in agreement with those of a particular individual or group.Social Influence: The effects of the presence or actions of one or more others, either real or imagined.Group: Any collection of two or more people who interact with and influence each other and who share a common purpose.

Informational Influence:Studys show that people are more likely to conform when given information from someone on the subject. For example, when your buying a car and you get someone who knows about cars to tell you which one to buy.

Normative Influence:We often conform because we want to be liked or accepted by the majority group. If everyone answer the question the same we might do the same so we are accepted.

Culture:Whether you conform could depend on what culture you are exposed to. Study's show that people in a individualist culture, such as North America or Western Europe, you are less like to conform compared to people in collective cultures (Asia, Africa, Fiji).

Social Loafing:Sometimes the presence of others ina group situation results in reduced performance, esspesially when the other people are co-workers.

Deindividuation:When in a very large crowd or a "faceless crowd" people sometime lose there inhibitions and conform to the group.

Bond and Smith's Research:Bond and Smith's research was more culture based. They travelled around the world doing Asch's experiment on other cultures. There results found that poorer, more dependent cultures were more likely to conform.

The differences in conformity between cultures is quite large. People who depend on the people around them, Fijian, African and Asian cultures, are more likely to conform than the people who are encouraged to be an individual, most first world cultures.


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