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[2015] seberhartedhs14: Aruba

In 1642 the Dutch took control of the island Aruba. Although they controled the island, they allowed the Native Americans to be free.


By Sonya Ebrhart

Arubas' offical flag.

This is Aruba's govener, Fredis Refunjol.

Aruba is 17 miles long and has a population of about 100,000

A tradition in Aruba is a carnival very year. This carnival is a month long and starts on November 11

If you go far enogh inland, you'll find a desert in the center of the island

Aruba is known for it's beaches, making it a popular tourist destination

Snorkeling is also popular

These are the differnt coins used in Aruba

The currency used in Aruba is florin. This bill, as you can see is worth 10 florin

Alonso de Ojeda was the Spanish explorer who originally discovered Aruba

28% of imports come from the U.S

The general language spoken in Aruba is Pspiamento, with an alpebet the same as the English alphabet.

Aruba is located about 20 miles north of Venezeula


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