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Social Studies

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Fast Facts 1. Current population is 102,911 people2. Languages spoken are Dutch, English, and Spanish3.Life Expectancy rate is 75yrs and the infant mortality if 11 deaths per 1,000 babies4. Literacy Rate


Aruban Flag

The capitol city of Aruba is Oranjestad

Interesting facts The average temperature in Aruba is about 82 degrees all year.Aruba is home to diverse wildlife .

Some pressing problems would be endangered species. It is home to species like the whale shark, the Aruba Rattlesnake, Hammerhead shark and many other species.

Current news article - read an article and write a short summary of the news. Include the date and title of newspaper or magazine. Add a picture below that goes with your news

"Must See" placesAntilla- Dive site in the world's biggest ship wreck.Fontein caves- Big natural caves that were home to Aruba natives. Famous for their ancient cave paintings.Ostrich farms- Home to many ostriches

Aruba is safe to travel to. It's main source of income is tourism.

The Climate is mild to warm weather all year round. It is advised to wear light, summer clothes. It gets about 20mm of rain each year.

The Fontein Caves were once home to Arawak Indians


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