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Artwork,(Assignment),Graphic Arts

1) Print your BEST and drymount Pick 2 to 3 photos that are your best. With my assistance we will pick the one to print for the art show. Follow the drymount directions below to drymount your artwork. Make sure you take your time and keep it neat and clean.With the white pencil write your title of the photo lined up on the left and your name lined up on the right. (Refer to sample below)2) Report and CritiqueYour report and critique must be typed and include a proper reference page (stating any web pages or sources that you used as sources). The report and critique must fulfill minimum requirements – TYPED, double spaced, normal margins, 12 point font (Ariel or Times New Roman), with title, reference page and a page with the image you are critiquing as well. Minimum Requirements a) Report – brief two pages minimum to demonstrate your understanding of the photographer. b) Critique of their image –one full page minimum 1) Description 2) Analysis 3) Interpretation 4) Judgment. You must include the image you are discussing.Attatched is an outline and checklst to go by. Also the grading rubric. 3) PresentationFor the presentation you are to teach the class about your chosen photographer in 3-5 minutes. Use PowerPoint or a program that allows you to show lots of images. Your presentation must include a full critique of one image as well. (The critique that you include in your presentation is the same one that you have for your report) 3) Presentation

Suggested Structure & Research for Presentation1) Autobiographical Summary – pertinent facts about his/her life which influenced work. a) Early Life – where they are from? Factors that influenced their life b) Training – did they go to school? How did they learn their craft/art? c) Current Events – were there any world events that affected their work? 2) The Work of the Master a) Subject Matter – what did they photograph? Portraits, still life, sports, nature etc. b) Personal Approach – what was their style? Unique approach to their subject c) Unique Philosophy – did they have any philosophy or belief that guided their work/art 3) Contributions Did they have any contributions to the medium of photography? Did they invent anything? Start any kind of style or influence? 4) Critique of one image Use the attached critique guidelines to write a one page critique on one of the photographers photos. Include an image of the photograph.

three parts: 1. Mount best piece for show2. Written report on artist3. Presentation to class




Trim your picture

Mark picture location on mounting board

Put light coat of rubber cement on both the back of the photo and inside the marks on the mounting board

Press and burnish to press out bubbles.



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