Arts of the Renaissance

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Arts of the Renaissance


Last Judgement 1536-1541

The Nymph Galatea1514

School of Athens1509

The Creation of Adam1511–1512

The Last Supper1495–1498

Sistine Chapel Ceiling1508–1512


Arts of the Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa1503–1517

Painter that used movement and perspective within his work and was so unique during his time period because of his curiosity, observation, and investigation(Leonardo da vinci)

Painter, architect, poet, and sculptor who transformed art into humanistic renaissance art and was known for his great passion and energy(Michelangelo)

Italian painter, who used realistic clarity to show human form, and his work was admired for it's ease in composition(Raphael)

(Leonardo da vinci)




(Nymph Galatea)

(Leonardo da vinci)

(The Creation)

(School of Athens)

(Last Judgement)

(Leonardo da vinci)

Together all of these artists formed the traditional trinity of great masters of the Italian High Renaissance

Emma Davis

Emma Davis


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