Arts and the classroom

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Arts and the classroom

Schedule:1-Band 6-English2-Math 7-Science3-Art 8-Photo.5-Lunch 9-History


PROS:-Increased test scores- Stress releif- Inspire creativity-Develop the cerebral cortex of the brain-Critical thinking skills-Personal growthCONS:-Spending money-Distractions-Overwhelming

ART CLASSES OFFERED:MusicPaintingDanceSculptureDramaTheatre


ORCHESISDANCE CO.Audiotions: May 7-8 and May 14-15Get ready for a whole new year!Contact: Mrs. Smith

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By Amber Gillani

NOTES:-National Enodowment for the Arts (NEA)--1965-President Clinton pushes for support of Arts-Schools don't want to spend the money-Arts create National Standards for the first time-Freedon of speech and press law suit ---Ruled as an ingringment of First Amendment-Still not enough funding-Many schools have developed or are developing programs

MY OPINIONWithout the arts, there is no culture, without culture, we have no identity. The newly placed emphasis on arts has allowed for growth both for both indviuals and soceity as a whole. The benefits of having an arts program outweigh its drawbacks. Small amounts of money spent now will be recovered through the gain of new oppurtunities.



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