Artist's & their Art (pg4)

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Artist's & their Art (pg4)

ARTISTS's and their ART

Moore, D. (1966). Janet Dawson, printed 2000[photograph].

Taylor, A. (2013).Artist Brett Whiteley[photograph].

Dawson, J. (1960).Italian landscape drawing [drawing].

Johnson, M. (1968). Frontal 2 [painting].

Woudstra, J. (1987). Mike Brown in front of his work in Fitzroy, [photograph].

Whiteley, B. (1963). Woman in Bath [painting].

Dawson, J. (1960). Vers l'ombre [print].

Whiteley, B. (1968). Gougin., [painting].

Johnson, M. (1969). Night [painting].

Jones, A. L. (1968). Noumenon XXXII, Red Square[Noumenon 1968] [painting].

The Stock Rooms. (2015). Alun Leach-Jones.

Sewell, D. (2015). Michael Johnson [photograhp].

Brown, M. (1965). Cubist op art special [painting].

Brown, M. (1965). Tom [painting].

Jones, A. L. (1968). Noumenon forecast VI [painting].

(Twentieth Century 3D, 2012)


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