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Artist Sunni Mercer

Biographical SketchSunni Mercer, MFASunni Mercer has over 20 years of experience in the area of design and studio art. Her signature work is mixed media and art in context installations. Sunni’s work has shown nationally and internationally and is archived with the Smithsonian. Sunni has received numerous awards and grants for her work. She is former Director of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Oklahoma City National Memorial Center. Her work has been the subject of numerous articles in a variety of national publications. Sunni currently balances her consulting business, Mercer Associates, Inc. with teaching Art History at the University of Central Oklahoma and her studio work.•

I make art.

My most recent studio work includes the collaborative exhibit: Lizinga Lemandla Ami: The Measure of My Strength. This is an interpretive exhibition that addresses the strength of the women in Swaziland as they deal with the world's worst epidemic of HIV/AIDS. Research for the exhibit was conducted in Swaziland. The exhibit consists of mixed media sculptures, photography, and narrative text panels.Funds for this exhibit generously provided for by ~The Kirkpatrick Foundation~

Sunni Mercer

I teach about art.

I design Interpretive Exhibits.

When I am not working with art I am enjoying my garden!

Sunni is married with two adult children, Josh and Danica. Sunni and her husband, Gary live in Bethany, Oklahoma. They own Mercer-Adams Funeral Service. Sunni enjoys gardening, cooking and traveling. She hopes that her involvement in this facilitation workshop will allow her new opportunities for creative teaching! She would like to use this training both for teaching Art History and for use with her clients in developingdistance learning programs for museums.


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