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My ideal school

The ideal school is the dream of every student.I wish that the lessons start a bit later , because it is still dark in the morning especially in winter and I want to sleep all the time.Homework must be small so that each student can do the homework for each lesson.It should be at the highest level.Video cameras in the corridors,Protection for school entrance.Lockers for each student. There you can put books, hang outdoor clothing and leave shoes.The area of ​​the school should be more.The yard should be grounds for different sports. "Green Garden" where children can relax and stroll.The dining room should be large, so that children did not stand in large queues. Children themselves can take your own food. The design of the dining room should be bright. Colourful tables and chairs.Food should be beneficial. Vegetables, fruit and healthy shakes and smoothies.Ideal School is a school where there are classes you don’t want to miss, and when during the holidays you miss you classmates and teachers and you want to run there every morning!

Monday. history of the world. mathematics. vocals. drawing. Tuesday. Painting. mathematics. self. Wednesday. mathematics. Russian language. literature. English. history of the world. Thursday. technology. mathematics. chemistry. Friday. English. literature



School timetable

Arts, English

Classes must be extensive. Each class must be interactive whiteboard, computers for students and teachers. There should be good lighting, as well as in the classroom should be a plant for beauty. Comfortable chairs with soft seats and comfortable tables.


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