Artificial Satellites

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Artificial Satellites

Artificial satellites are used to study the Earth, other planets, to help us communicate, and even to observe the distant Universe.

Artificial Satellites

What are artificial satellites?

Types of OrbitsOne of the common orbits is geosynchronous orbit. It is where a satellite takes 24 hours to orbit the Earth; the same amount of time it takes the Earth to rotate once on its axis. This keeps the satellite in the same spot over the Earth, allowing for communications and television broadcasts. Another orbit is low-Earth orbit, where a satellite might only be a few hundred kilometers above the planet. This puts the satellite outside the Earth’s atmosphere, but still close enough that it can image the planet’s surface from space or facilitate communications.

I bet you've seen those big, white machines orbiting an object in space discovering hew things. Well, since those aren't natrual, they are called artificial satellites. Artificial satellites are man-made objects orbiting the Earth and other planets in the Solar System.

Time to check them out

Artificial satellites can have a range of missions, including scientific research weather observation, military support, navigation, Earth imaging, and communications.

The first artificial satellite was the Soviet Sputnik 1 mission, launched in 1957.

Satellites can even have people in them, like the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle. Satellites have developed along with technology and now they can do many more things than past satellites.

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