Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

By Dagen Gilbreath

Artificial Intellegence or AI for short is the intellegence exibited by machines or software. This intelegence is used from video games to self driving vaccum cleaners.

AI is yet to be prefected. There is yet to be a program that can mimic the way a human can behave. AI can use problem solving skills and also can hold a conversation. These things, however are not stable.

There are many uses for AI. AI is most commonly used on a computer interface. Software such as cleverbot, a program that can have a conversation with you, or a voice recognition program, like Siri. Another common use for AI is for non playing characters (NPCs) or bots to navigate a virtual world with various obsticals without getting hurt or stuck while making it look as realistic as possible. or in virtual chess or card games. Technology behind AI is very sophisticated and requires a lot of tech knowledge to fully understand or program.

AI is also used in robots. Some robots are able to navigate the real world with sensors and are able to prefom basic tasks. Some can even mimic emotion!

An example of how AI in videogames try to path their way around objects as smooth as possible


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