Artificial Hearts

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Artificial Hearts

Can you live without a heart?

Artificial Hearts 101

Why would I want to have a mechanicel heart?



What does it look like?

How do they get it in there?

Artificial heart transplantations go for an average of 7 hours! The doctors have to take their time and be very delicate because it is one of the most important organs in the body that they are tampering with. Surgeons must remove the right and left ventricles from the body before replacing them with the artificial heart. Hundreds of stitches are used to properly connect the instrument. Grafts are then used to connect the heart to the rest of the heart tissue as required. Doctors then check that the heart is working properly before stitching up the cut in the chest.

Extra visual

Here Is a video that helped me understand artificial hearts and how they work, maybe it can help you too. The type it talks about replaces the whole heart though and some types of hearts only replace some of it.

Artificial Hearts are electronic machines that can be used as a replacement for the heart. Artificial hearts use a hydraulic pump to spin a gear inside at 10,000 spins per minute, this creates pressure. This type of heart works by sending blood to the lungs and sending blood to the rest of the body one after the other. This is different to the normal heart which would do both at the same time. This pattern is regulated by the hydraulic fluid that moves from side to side in the artificial heart.

Many illnesses such as congestive heart failure, once left to a certain critical stage, require a heart transplant. However, donor hearts that are suitable to your body and won’t get rejected in your system are hard to come by. People often pass away waiting for a suitable donor heart to become available. This is where artificial hearts can be of great assistance. Through a very delicate process a mechanical heart can be inserted and used as a replacement of the failing heart. Artificial hearts can be used up to 5 years straight before they must be replaced. People are beginning to get these temporary hearts inserted to tide them over until a natural donor heart becomes available for them.

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