Articles of Confederation

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Articles of Confederation


Articles of confederation

Information video of the Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation

-What is the Articles of Confederation?- When was it created?-Why is it important?-Who was involved in creating it?-What are the weaknesses?-What are the stregths?-How does this support the reasons the colonists fought the Revolutionary War?


What is the Articles of Confederation?The Articles of Confederation served as the written document that established the functions of the national government of the United States. After the United States declared independence from Great Britain. It established a weak central government that mostly, not entirely, prevented the individual states from conducting their own foreign diplomacy but was replaced by the constitution in 1789. When was the Articles of Confederation made?The Articles of Confederation was created/made on November 15, 1777Why is the Articles of Confederation important?The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the US. This document is important because it made the union of the 13 colonies legal and identified them as sovereign states. Who was involved making/creating the Articles of Confederation?Benjamin Franklin had a drawn up plan for “Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.” While some delegates, such as Thomas Jefferson, supported Franklin’s proposal, many others were strongly opposed. Franklin introduced his plan before congress on July 21. What are the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation?The Articles of Confederation failed to support military efforts in the American Revolution because it could not provide troops or money. They also had a weak government, no president, no control over disputes between states, and no control over trading between states.What are the strengths of the Articles of Confederation? Retained power in the states as the more responsive level of government. Ability to declare war and have peace, to coin or borrow money, to detail with foreign countries and sign treaty’s, and operate post offices. How does the Articles of Confederation support the reasons the colonists fought the Revolutionary War?Because there was a lot of unfair stuff towards the colonists from the Articles of Confederation. Such as having a weak government which is not good for a nation, especially not for a new nation. And having no control over states is unfair towards merchants, because it’s their living to trade, and now they can’t expand their trade. So this might have led to them fighting more because some people might have considered this as just another act/tax.

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