Articles of Confederation

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Articles of Confederation

Pro's-Established congress-Began to unite states (shared welfare, rely on each other for common defense, etc.) -Northwest Ordinance of 1787

Con's-States were too independent from gov't-No president & court system -Took power away from national gov't, too much to states-Couldn't impose taxes-Didn't mention slaves-No monetary structure

Why did the colonists want a confederacy?They didn't want a powerful central gov't, fearing it would be too much like the monarchy they just broke from. Also, the Articles were written down so they weren't free to interpretation.

Shays' RebellionColonists realized, after many rebels being wounded and killed in an effort to reform the state government, that the Articles of Confederation needed to be ceased.

How long did the Articles of Confederation last?They spaned from 1778 to being discontinued in 1789.


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