Articles of Confederation

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Articles of Confederation

- Allowed organization of states and territories. - Continental Army provided some form of central military. - Peace with departments of war, treasury, etc.- Provided some form of federal government that connected the states.


- completed in 1777- provided a very weak form of government- replaced in 1789 by US Constitution

- Each state was run by its own militia, therefore the Continental Army was of little effect.- No power to tax and gain funding for government.- No court system.- No executive branch.- No strong central power.- No common currency.


Many people rebelled against this weak government that tried to rule over them. Instances like Shay's Rebellion proved that the Articles of Confederation was a weak system and needed great ratification if it were to govern the country.


Personally, I believe that the weakness of the Articles of Confederation was proposed to show Americans that their government would not be oppressive. After dealing with the oppression from Britain, the founding fathers would have been cautious of setting up a strong federal government.

Spencer Hatfield




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