Arthur Neville Chamberlain

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Arthur Neville Chamberlain

Arthur Neville Chamberlain was one of the leader of the liberal branch “ unionists”. He lived nineteen century. He was famous by the imperialists policy. He was mayor of Birmingham. After , he was elected Prime Minister for the Conservative Party. He was Minister of Finance and Minister of Health. He promoted protecionism duriing economic crisis of the 1930s.

Chamberlain´s family was very involved in the politics. His father, Joseph Chamberlain was one of the leaders of the Conservative Party.

In 1937, Neville become the first minister of the Conservative Party.His ideology consisted in the world long-term peace, avoiding critiques to the form os government of Mussolini.

In 1938, I refused take measures against the Third Reich when it was allied with Austria, although it was a violation to the Treaity of Versailles.

When Germany tried to conquer Czechoslovakia, Hitler created an aggressive campaign of propaganda and violences against the Czechoslovakian authorities.To sort out it, they created "The Conference of Munich" in 1938, in that Neville asked for Hitler to renounce his ambitions, but Hitler didn´t agree. So, Neville guaranteed him that he wouldn´t be allied with Czechoslovakia. Besides, Edouard Daladier, president of France, did the same.

Renounce your ambitions against Czechoslovakia.

No, I am going to conquer all Czechoslovakia.

After the invasion of Germany (March 15, 1939), Chamberlain decided to change his form of government, supported the armament industry. He prepared teh country for a possible war against the Third Reich. France and Great Britain made agreements of warlike help to fight against Germany. But Neville didn´t believe in the ability of the Red Army after the serious purges in 1935-1936. Them, he decided to declare the war to Germany in 1939, because Hitler wanted to conquer Dienmark and Norway in 1940. After conquered Norway and Denmark. The naval and terrestrial british defeats and his weak health did that Neville resigned on August 9, 1940 for problems of health.

Peace in our time


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