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Arthur Miller

1) He tried to marry his fourth wife at age 89, but died before walking down the aisle. 2) Miller's father owned a successful women's clothing store. 3) Late in his life, he claimed to be an atheist.4) Arthur's youngest child was born with Down's Syndrome5) Miller had three wives. Of the three, his second one was Marilyn Monroe.

Awards/Special Recognition-"The Man Who Had All the Luck" - Theater Guild Award (19470-"All My Sons"-first Tony Award (1947 )-"Death of a Salesman" got triple crown of theatrical artistry: the Pulitzer Prize, the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award, ' a Tony (1949) -"The Crucible"- Tony Award (1953)-John F. Kennedy Award for Lifetime Achievement (1984)- "Playing for Time" - Emmmy (1980)

Life of Arthur Miller- Grew up in New York City - father made clothing -Great Depression closed father’s business so they moved to a smaller house in Brooklyn-Had many jobs as a teenager - with father, bakery delivery boy, auto parts warehouse clerk-Studied journalism at U of M and began writing plays-Married three times - Mary Grace Slattery, Marilyn Monroe, Inge Morath -Wrote screenplay, The Misfits, for Marilyn-Says all of his works are autobiographical-During WWII he was exempt from fighting due to a football injury - he was able to make more successful plays-Convicted of contempt in 1956 because he would not give names to the House of Un-American Activities of writers that were believed to be Communist-1947 - his first Broadway success called All My Sons-2005 - died at age 89 in Roxbury, CT

Fun Facts

Arthur Miller

Writing Career-Arthur Miller writing career started out rocky-The Man Who Had All The Luck was not popular-Six years later, his play All My Sons, was successful on Broadway, and it earned Arthur his first Tony Award for Best Author -Miller wrote the first act of Death of a Salesman in less than a day. It opened on February 10, 1949 at the Morosco Theater, winning him The Pulizter Prize, The New York Critics' Circle Award and another Tony.-In 1956, the House of Un-American Activities Committee refused to renew Miller's passport becauase of his play The Crucible. The play was seen as an allegory of McCarthyism. -In 1961, Miller supplied the screenplay for The Misfits, a movie in which his wife, Marilyn Monroe starred in. -Miller's last play he wrote was The Prince (1968), a piece about family dynamics


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