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Arthur Miller Poster

Arthur Miller: American Playwright

Early Life Early Life and Family - Born October 1915 in Manhatten, New York. - His parents were Isidore Miller and Augusta Miller. His brother and sister were Kermit Miller and Joan Copeland. - He was shaped by the poverty that surrounded him because he grew up during the Great Depression. - Arthur went to Brooklyn's Abraham Lincoln High School. This was when he started working in an auto-parts warehouse so he could save money for college. - He wasnt the smartest person. He applied twice to the University of Michigan but got declinded both times. Finally, when Arthur got into the University he started writing plays. There he joined the Federal Theatre Project in New York City. - Throughout Arthur's life he had three wives. His first wife was Mary Slattery. With Mary, Arthur had two children, one boy and on girl. His second wife was Marilyn Monroe. He and Marilyn didn't have any children. His third and final wife was Inge Morath. They had one son and one daughter together.

The Crucible Recap

All My Sons Trailer

Death of a Salesman Recap

By: Jenna Ciancimino,Brittany Bernath, and Jennifer Sierra

Major Achievements and Awards - The Crucible: This play is about the Salem Witch Trials. The play won the Antoinette Perry award. - All My Sons: This play is based on a true story. It was rated one of the best 10 plays of 1947. All My Sons won the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award. It also won two Tony awards. - Death of a Salesman: A play about a declining salesman. This play won the Pulitzer Prize award for Drama. It was won a Tony award.

Social Conscience Affects Miller's Work- Led to his voiced opinions through novels and plays- Strong feelings about many polictical and social problems- Maintained a critical image toward society- Reason why most of his works appear very dramatic- All of his stories based off of social occurences- Affected the themes of his works as a whole

Common themes in Miller's works- The Great Depression- his Jewish culture- conflicted feelings- guilt- personal responsibility- political views- individual integrity

Miller and the House of Un-American Activities Committee - Arthur Miller defies the Committee and refuses to name suspected communists

Investigation of The Crucible- The use of communism was investigated in his writings as well as in the writers of the Hollywood production

"Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets."- Arthur Miller



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