Arthropods: Insects

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Arthropods: Insects

Arthropods: Insects

by Sreya Nalluri

Defining Characteristics-segmented bodies, jointed appendages, hard external skeletons-bilateral symmetry-head, thorax, and abdomen-have a coelom-3 pairs of walking legs, usually wings

Subgroups-beetles, ants, grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, wasps, termites, flies

Body Structure-segmented bodies with a head, thorax, and abdomen-six legs and a pair of wings (usually)-a pair of antennae-covered by exoskeleton, or hard external skeleton, which does not grow continually with your inner body like endoskeletons-exoskeleton consists of layers of protein and a polysaccharide called chitin-open circulatory system-lateral compound eyes, with many facets, each with its own lens-have Malpighian tubules to serve in excretion-most have adapted into flying organisms-molting is the process of periodically shedding the exoskeleton and secreting a larger one

Diagram of Flea

Diet/Feeding Habits-diverse types of mouthparts makes it easy to eat in a variety of habitats-mosquitos amd other types use the method of piercing skin to eat-some insects lap their food-some have combinations of mouthparts and special digestive systems that allow them to eat unusual things such as beeswax and wood-most insects eat other insects; some insects, such as mosquitos, use bigger animals such as humans to get access to blood

Reproduction/Life Cycle-their reproductive appendages are in the abdomen-many insects undergo metamorphosis, in which the body forms changes from the sexually immature to the mature stage-adults are specialized after metamorphosis to to move to a new location and reproduce-meatamorphosis allows insects to take advantage of more than one habitat during different life stages

Importance-humans and other organisms depend on insects-insects like bees pollinate flowers and plants, which allows fruit growth and reproduction-termites and ants break down organic matter, producing new soil and nutrients-however, insects also carry dangerous diseases that are harmful -some insects compete with humans for food and can destroy useful crops

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