Arthritis glog

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Arthritis glog

---===Who does this effect===---This disease usually effects people 35 and older, but there is a rarer, more juvenile form of the disease which effects the younger people

Inflamated joints causing pain.

---===how c0mmon===---It effects 1% of all adults, may not seem big but there Are over 7 billion people in the world.



---===medicine===---Although arthritis is very painful, it can be treated with medicines as simple as tylonal, or very expensive creams to put on the joints

---===Inherited?===---Arthritis is inherited by the chromosomes passed down from parent to offspring Ethenicity does not effect mode of inheritence

---===Prevention===--- Since there are many forms of arthritis, and they are caused by so many things, there is no known way to detect and prevent it. But there are ways to stop yourself from getting it in elderly age. Arthritis can be prevented by keeping your calcium levels up, and healthily exercising to keep your bones and joints in shape

Because the person with arthritis is in so much pain, it causes them to not want to move and exercise making them prone to many other diseases.

-----=====Effects=====-----Arthritist effects the joints of a persons body, causing them to swell up, and cause pain when they are moved. This forces the person an extreme amount of pain even if they're not moving.(this disease effects ALL joints)

--==How Arthritis is worsened==-- Arthritis can be worsened by being over weight, causing more pressure on the joints, and since it is metabolically active, it is capable of producing chemicals and hormones that worsen inflamation and pain, This can be avoided by removing any excess calories, and eating right. (fast fact, since potatos have vitamin C they can reduce inflamation and pain from joints



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