[2014] Emily (Ms. Emond's Grade 8): Arthritis

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[2014] Emily (Ms. Emond's Grade 8): Arthritis

Where I got my infromation -Mayoclinic.org-heathline.com-artritistoday.org


Connective tissue in the joints that absorbs the pressure and shock created from movement like running ,and walking or getting to place to place One of the most commen forms of arthritis"osteoarthritis" is caused by normal wear and tear throught out your life

introductionArthritis is when you have trouble moving,you have swelling in the joints. There are two main types of arthritis they are "Rheumatiod Arthritis" and also "osteorthritis". There are many more. You get artritis in the hands, knees, hips,and spine. People that 55 and older are more likey to get arthritis but sometime younger people can get too. the sytem effect the musculoskeletal.



Signs ' Symptoms

The symptoms are noramly in the joints like the hips, hands, knees,and also in the spine.when your joints feel in pain around that area it noramly get red, it can also get lumps of tissue from under the skin.Normaly in the elbows and in the fingers. Sometime arthritis can effect the patients eyes, skin, and other organs. You normaly feel the pain in the morning and before you go to sleep.

Physical therapy is one of the things that you can do help your arthritis-occupational therapy can help maintain joints mobility and range of movement and motion.there are 14 differents medication to help with artritisthere is no cure for arthritis but therr is a lot of things that you can do to minimize the overall pain and the effects of artritis in your day to day life.

Treatment Options

Your docter might suggest tests to confrim blood ,x-rays. You get arthrits from your jeans. So if your mom or your grandpa has arthritis etc... you can get from them.during the physical exam your docter will cheak your joints for swelling ,redness. they will also move your joints around.



-About 1 in every 5 american adult gets arthritis - The amount of people that gets arthritis will increase by 2030-There over 100 types of arthritis-You feel tired because your immune system is fiting off the arthritis.


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