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Artemis (Diana)

Parent: Leto ZeusSibling: ApolloRelationship Status: SINGLE!Likes:wilid animals, hunting, deer, hunting dogs, boars

Friends:Apollo Orion

Nominative: Diana Dianae DianaGenitive: Dianae Dinarum of DianaDative: Dianae Dianis to/for DianaAccusative: Dianam Dianas DianaAblative: Diana Dianis from/by/with DianaDav

Apollo: Hey twin sister, we need to visit the parents soon!

Status: Cannot wait to go hunting this weekend!

Muse, sing of Artemis, sister of the Far-shooter, the virgin who delights in arrows, who was fostered with Apollo. She waters her horses from Meles deep in reeds, and swiftly drives her all-golden chariot through Smyrna to vine-clad Claros where Apollo, god of the silver bow, sits waiting for the far-shooting goddess who delights in arrows.


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