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Artemis was the daughter of Leto and Zeus. She was the godess of the hunt, women in childbirth, the moon, and young maidens she was also the protector the vulnrable . She was the twin of Apollo. Though Artemis never had a baby, she became the Goddess of women in birth because she caused her mother no pain when born. She was the huntsman of the gods and roamed through the forest with her band of nymphs to accommpany, and hunt with her.


One day Niobe, the queen of Thebes, boasted about how she must be superior to Leto(The mother of Apollo an Artemis) because she had 14 children and Leto only had 2.Leto swore revenge and told Artemis and Apollo to kill all 14 children. They followed instructions and killed all of Niobe's children. No one was allowed to bury them for 9 days because Zeus threatened to turn anyone to stone who did. The father commited suicide. Niobe resorted to Sipylos (a city) and pleaded with the gods to kill her. The gods turned her to stone and put her on the peak of the city. In the summertime someone can see water coming out of the pores of the stone. This is said to be the tears of Niobe!


Artemis' symbols were the pike, and bow. Her tree was the cedar tree. Her animals were the snake bear and deer.





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