Artemis fowl: the eternity code

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Artemis fowl: the eternity code

Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code.Eoin Colfer.

The Book to me, was very intriguing in many ways. First of all it has very creative names and creatures like fairys kobolds and many other fantasy creatures and names like foaly, artemis, and butler. Also the places were very detailed so that you can acctually see the place in your minds eye. The words are not to hard but very interesting like supercomputer. A couple bad qualities are that the book doesn't have many cliff hangers so it isnt as exiting but it still has a fair amount of exitement. Another good quality is the machines are very interesting. Some examples are the Neutrino 2000 a kind of hight tech tazer, the C-Cube a mini Supercomputer, the special electric fairy wings that use fairy magic to power them, and the Fairy Helmet which has a microphone, a camera, headphones, a visor that works as a pair of binoculars, and a built in computer with email. In the end i would give Artemis Fowl: the eternity code a 4.5 star rating.



The theme is most definitly slightly realistic fantasy. But its not very realistic because it has fairys and kobolts and other very fantastic things.


The main character, Artemis Fowl is genius and awsome. His supporting character is Butler. Butler is great, super strong, and is a great body guard/freind. Artemis is also very weak he is no muscle and all brains. He is smart because first at age 14 he had built a supercomputer that fit in your pocket (it was out of stolen fairy technolegy). He is also very calculating in a way that he can predict what people will do but not always. Butler is great because first of all he is one of the best bodygurds on earth. He is also calculating like artemis being that he can also sometimes predict what people would do.

The setting is mostly downtown chicago and fowl manor ireland. In downtown chicago they are breaking into phission chips headquarters the spiro needle. The reason they are there is because artemis staged a kidnaping. Mo Diggens the dwarf was sent by the mafia to kidnap artemis but instead they worked together to stage one.

Eoin Colfer is the person who wrote the whole artemis fowl series which has 8 books in it. He was born on may 14, 1965 Wexford Ireland.

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