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Artemis-Callie Stoeckle

Artemis is the Greek goddess of many thing, but some of the most famous things are hunting and childbirth, as well as the moon. Artemis is also a virgin goddess and doesn't accept the presence of men except few. She is almost always found in the mountains and that is why hunting game is sacrificed to her. She may seem nice but in reality she is known for her quick temper and vengful nature. Anyone who offends or dishonors Artemis be on gaurd because she is known for punishing people who do that to her. Many men have died by her hand because they have been caught staring at her or have offended her. Because of this she had also lost many friends.

The Tale of Orion

-Apollo is her twin-Her parents are Leto and Zeus-She was born on a floating island and was a midwife at her brothers birth-Zeus favored Artemis over Apollo

Orion and Artemis were the best of friends. This was the only man Artemis ever allowed. They had so much fun hunting together. When Apollo found out about this he sent a scorpion to Orion thinking Orion was getting too much attention from Artemis. The scorpion back Orion to the sea and Orion jumped in getting away from the scorpion. Meanwhile Apollo had told Artemis of a creatue who was in the sea. He pionted her to it and she shot it not knowing it was her frend Orion. After she found out she tried everything for him to be revived but nothing worked so she put him up in th stars.

Modern Day Influence

Artemis isn't in a lot of modern influences but Titan a famous artist painted several pictures of her in different scenes.


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About Artemis

Family Facts


Eugene O' Neil also wrote a play about her called Desire Under the Elms.


Above is a symbol that is used to represent Artemis. To the left is Orion in the stars.


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