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I have taught Art for 5 Years. I have taught elementary, middle school, high school and adult art education classes.Favorite Color is Green.I am married. We have a labrador named Patsy.I like sports. Football is my favorite to watch. Golf and basketball are my favorite to play.My favorite band: Red Hot Chili Peppers. I love the outdoors.. I enjoy camping, hunting, fishing and hiking.Michigan State over Michigan.Family is very important to me.

Why take Art ?

You WILL learn and build Confidence in my Art Room.-Gain Better Technique-Solve problems Creatively & In Your Own Way-Excercise your BRAIN differently-Learn more about your Classmates-Learn more about Yourself-Get to know Mr. A (he can be pretty cool)AnalyzeEvaluate &CreateEveryday!

Areas of Focus

Color: Wheel & Color TheoriesShape: Organic & GeometricForm: Height, Width, Depth, SculptureValue: Lightness or DarknessTexture: Creation & UnderstandingSpace: Positive & NegativeProper Care & Technique in ALL Mediums

Mr. Adolphson

6th Grade Art

LookListenBe Open MindedTry Your BestCome to SchoolStay on TaskAsk QuestionsMake MistakesWork HardFinish Your Work

How to be successful.

You will be graded on:Following Directions: Achieving the goals.Craftsmanship: Effort. Showing you care.Completion of Work



Pencil/GraphiteColor PencilWatercolorOil PastelChalk PastelClay


Link to my watercolor technique video.


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