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art trip

Kansas City Art TripFriday April 10, 2015

Leave school at7:00 AM

Arrive for a tour at the Art Institute at 11:00 AM

Time for Lunch!

A visit to the Nelson Atkins Museum

Arrive back to schoolaround 7:00 PM

Travel with Mrs. Cooper toKansas City!The purpose of this trip is to see artworkin other cities. We will first stop at the Kansas City Art Institutewhere we will see working artists in the collegeenvirornment. We will receive a tour from the admissions office at 11:00 AM. After our tour we will head to a diner next tothe school for lunch.In the afternoon we will spend two hours visitingthe Nelson Atkins Museum, fourth rated museum in the country.Finally, leave and be home by 7:00 PM



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