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Art techniques


feel free when you draw, you also need to relax. dont stress.

You need a pencil, eraser and coloring pens.


Hello, welcome to this glog about art techniques. I will give you some tips and tutorials to make your techniques better! So first of all you need an pencil and a eraser but that speaks for itself. You need normal paper. If you use special paper you don't need this glog. So, first you have to start by sketching the animal or person you want. When you 're done sketching make the lines thicker and pull it with a black pen over it. If you 've done that then you erase all the pencil sketches and look good if there are no pencil sketches are left. When that's done you start coloring, and when you color you should be well within the lines and colors, preferably with pencil because it does not give off a lot of stains .

5 TIPS:*Use guides when you make a man or men face*Do not use cheap pens or pencils that often cause stains and you don't want that.*Check as often as possible to the outside world for ideas*Look to tutorials on youtube.* And the last one: be free feel free and draw what you want.


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