Art Techniques and Processes.

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Art Techniques and Processes.

•Cast Shadows change their shape depending on the surfacethat they fall upon.

•Cast Shadows:When a light is cast on a object, the shadow is darker directly under the object castig them.

•When shadows are cast on colored objects, the shawdow is the same color as the object it's cast upon, but a darker, grayer, and less intense version of that color. (for example: on the left the shawdow on the grass is green like the grass but it is a darker shade of that green)

•Another type of artwork is creating a 3-D form by scooping, carving, or cutting away parts from the whole such as sculpting.


Techniques andProcesses

Horizon line: Is when a drawing has a horizon line on the paper and the objects relate that line like they would in real life.

•Cast shawdows that fuse together cause the shadows to have different shapes.

Value: An element of art, value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color.(Especially crucial for pictures without color like the picture on the left)

•To portray distance in paintings, objects at a furthur distance are grayer and/or bluer than those in the foreground


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