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Art Project

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's origonal name was Andrew Warholaand he was born on the 6 August 1928 and died on the 22 February 1987. He had 5 family members Julia Warhola (Mother), Andrej Warhola (Father), John Warhola (Brother), James Warhola (Nephew), Pavol Warhola (Brother). Andy Warhola had Chorea when he was 9 and during the several months of being sick in bed his mother gave him his 1st drawing lesson.His mother gave him a camera and he got into photography when he was 9. At 14 his father died and he was too upset to go to the funeral and he hid under his bed for the whole wake. Warhol started school at Schenley High School. Some important life experences were When he graduated college with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree he moved back to New York to start an art career. He received a job with Glamour magazine and went on to become one of the most successful commercial artist in the 1950s. He won many awards for his bottled line and rubber stamp techniques. In 1961 he debuted the concept of pop art and in 1962 he exhibited the now-iconic paintings of Campbell’s soup cans. Andy said this about pop art “Once you ‘got’ pop, you could never see a sign the same way again. And once you thought pop, you could never see America the same way again.” Then he depicted many other things like Coca-Cola bottles and vacuums. Some of his famous artworks include "After The Party" "$9" and "I Love You So".

Pop Art was popular in the mid 1950s-1970s and it began because the artists wanted something new and creative to work with. The movement started in America and England.

The lines that have been used while in the painting of a cow haven't been used in the ways of the colour because the colour goes out of the lines and the lines and colour really outline the cows face. The background of the painting is mainly green with black patches on it aswell as the cow.


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