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Art Project

The art extended homework project was a very creative project where we had to create four pieces of art. The first part was to create something colourful. The second part was to draw something in black and white. The third was to draw/ write a word of your choice and put it in a different font or style.And finally the fourth and final part was to draw a picture with different techniques and texture. For example, colouring pencils, oil pastels, paints, e.c.t...In this page, I will be describing my project in detail.


PART 1: COLOURIn this part of the project, we had to create a work of art that included a lot of colour. For my drawing, I had drawn some butterflies, flowers, a branch and a mockingjay to resemble how much I like the Hunger Games.It turned out very good at it was very detailed.

PART 2: BLACK AND WHITEThe second part of the project was to make a masterpeice that is in black and white. My black and white piece were flowers in a flower vase. I had added lots of shading to create shadow and to show texture. Overall, I think that this was the best peice of work out of the four that I had done.

The fourth and final part of this project was to design something that uses texture. In this case, I decided to use colouring pencils and draw a peacock. I had drawn accurate lines and shaded it well with different coloured pencils. The final layout was a accurate drawing of a peacock. Have a look for your self...

PART 3: LETTERINGThis part of the project was the easiest since it didn't take long to do. I had first made a rough plan on where everything will go and then did the actual drawing. I had drawn the word 'amazing'. It was in block letters and there were stars shooting out of the corners. It looked amazing!

I have described my Extended homework Project in a lot of detail. I hope you have enjoyed reading! Thank you!



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