Art of Book Talking Grade 5

by TechnoQueen
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Art of Book Talking Grade 5


1. Duration 2-4 minutes

2. Delivery•speak LOUDLY and clearly•Enthusiastic •Eye Contact with Audience

3. Prop---THE BOOK

4. Introduction•Title of Book, Author, Genre•Main Characters •Setting

5. “Bit of the Plot” You might include:•Problem or situation for the main character (Conflict)•Some of the Main Events in the book (this is not retelling the story)•“Hint” at the Climax or Resolution of the story ***be careful that you do not give too much away!

7. What made you love the book?

6. Other Book Talk Items (You need 2)•Theme of the book •How the author writes—1st person? 3rd person? •Compare to a similar book•How you chose the book•Read a short excerpt from the book

Middle School, Friends, Horses, Sports

Book mark or post-it note!

Fantasy, Realistic, Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery



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