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Art Nouveau

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Gaudi created his own vision by incorporating tiles, bricks, and ironwork within his buildings for means of support and a different look. In order to diffienciate, Gaudi used varying lines, a varity of colors, and multiple patterns to enhance his craftsmanship. In the center of Barcelona, Spain, where most of his buildings lie, Gaudi outlined the city with his numerous works of art. In the image to the right, he used newly formed ideas to make shapes that never stop moving. He used this technique in order to make admirers see something new every time they peered at it.

Born and raised in Spain, Antoni Gaudi was influenced by the works of many other artists. He strove to be different from his colleagues introducing the concept of curved lines, as this was unheard of at the time. Similarly, he based his work on botanical and geological forms. Gaudi was once known as “God’s Architect” because of his structural work in the Art Nouveau era. Throughout turn of the century, Gaudi was widely known and appreciated in Spain and other countries. Since his death, restorations and renovations that Gaudi planned have been made. As well, modern artists use inspirations to make similar artworks to exhibit to the world today.

Casa BatlloIron Rods and Aluminum

Antoni GaudiBiography(1852-1926)

Art NouveauBy Sadye Hanna

Casa Mila'schimineyMedieval Wood Carving

La Sagrada Familia CathedralStone Carving

Park GuellTiles and Chrome Paint


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