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Art Media


Most people think that crayons are for children but they are wrong becuase adults use them all the time as a stress reliever.

Colored pencils are very popular in elementary schools. Children use them for learning and for fun activites, and some are even erasable!

Types of Art Media

Colored Pencils

When people think of art they normally think of paint too. It is one of the most widely recognized types of art medias.

There are many different types of paint such as tempera, oil, acrylic, and more.



Click the image of the markers to draw with some online!


There are many different types of pens and most people have their favorie one already picked out. The original pen didn't come with the ink already inside and you had to dip the end of it in ink and then begin writting.

One very important type of art media that often is forgotten is found object. This type is when artists create art with ordinary objects people see every day that they do not necessarily consider art and turns them into something new. There are two different types of found object art. There is type one where the artist uses the same object through out the whole project like the motorcycle made out of spoons. Then, there is type two where the artist creates an image of some sort with many different objects like the Queen Elizabeth picture that has thousands of differents objects all put together to create her face.

Watercolors need one very important thing in order to work... water! It is applied with a brush and makes beautiful art!

Found Object


Pastels are like the adults version of chalk and they are used for drawing.

There are many other types of media used in art however it would take a lot more space to cover them all! To mention a few more there is airbrush, wood, paper, fabric, chalk, metal, glass, sand, charcoal, scratchboards, and more!


Pottery is important to many different cultures and entertaining to lots of people arround the world. Watch this video to learn how to throw a pot on the wheel.


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