Art Major I

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Art Major I


SAMPLE PROJECTS Personal Colored Pencil Drawing Elements of Art/Mixed Media Design Futurist Drawing Animated Graphics Drawing Technique Drawing Charcoal Flower Drawing Self Portrait 2 Point Perspective Ink Wash Pop Art Painting Nametag Photomontage Mexican Cut Paper Nixon Park Watercolor Pastel Drawing Extension Drawing Linoleum Printmaking Oil Painting Collage Optical Illusion Drawing Faux Stained Glass

(0610) Level III Year Course Meets daily Credit Value 1.0 Art Major I is offered to students in grades 10 through 12 with a great love of art and who may plan to continue in the art field after graduation. This course is designed for students who are strong artists and wish to develop and explore their artistic skills, talents, and creativity. Outside assignments are an integral part of the class as a high quality of work is stressed. The student will experience a variety of media in relation to the elements and principles of art and will begin to develop an art portfolio. Monthly sketchbook assignments are a course requirement. Participation in the spring art show is a course requirement. The prerequisite for this class is a B average in Drawing and Painting and the approval of the art teacher.

SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENTS are very important in developing your artistic skills!

Smile, it's contagious!

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