Art in Victorian Era

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Art in Victorian Era

SignificanceArt styles varied somewhat during the Victorian art period because of the huge advances made in photographic and architectural technology during the reign of Queen Victoria. Both architecture and visual arts showed changes in form and decorum as a result of the changing viewpoint on aesthetics, caused by the developing technologies.

1. JMW Turner

Victorian art was mainly focused on the popularity of England’s high-fashion and modern elegance, inspired by the British Empires growth during the era. The elegant art rendered England to be considered by the world a picture of modernity, finery and elegant etiquette.

Time Frame It is a period identified by Queen Victoria’s reign. The reign extended from June, 1873 to January, 1901. An era which marks the time Britain was at its most powerful .

5. Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

4. William Powell Firth

Art in Victorian Era

ByYelitza Rosario RamosBella Vásquez GiustinoEdwin Loza Pacheco

Most important artists

2. Sir David Wilkie

6. William Holman Hunt

Art in the Age ofQueen Victoria

3. Sir John Everett Millais

Types Art covered during the Victorian period include Classicism (Classic Realism), Neoclassicism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism. Victorian art began focused on a realistic style which harkened back to classic styles used in ancient Greek and Roman pieces.


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