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Art History (pg2)


Abstract painting dominated Australia during the 1960's- 1970's as a partial result of the Antipodean (representational) and Sydney Nine (non-representational) group rivalry. The most popular form of abstraction in the 60's can be seen in the australian landscapes and the 1968 exhibition ''The Field'', which influenced the new ''colour field'' abstractionists (Heilbrunn timeline of art history, 2004).''Colour field'' is primrily large fields of flat solid colour with areas of unbroken surface and flat picture plane, and colour becomes the subject freed from objective content (Wikipedia contributors, 2015).Pop art, a part of the new Avante Guarde influenced by European centres, in the 1960's was offering a colouful collision of wit, appropriation and subversive iconography that challenged our notion of art (Cita,2014).


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