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Art Education

Author: Kendall Freck

ImpactsPoilicy has taken into account the importance of art Education, especially in North Carolina. This has allowed schools to have available funds to continue to include the arts in the cirriculum.

AimsThis vision justifies and advocates for the arts as a part of the educational system due to their ability to increase academic performace and testing of students.

BasisReasearch on the topic of how art impacts other subejct areas shows that arts education strongly corralates with the performance of students in other subject areas and in testing. The "Mozart effect" was part of these studies and shows that younger children who listened to classical music more often, performed better on tests related to spacial ability. Data also shows that students who have taken more art courses than others, recieve higher SAT scores.

Using the Arts to Promote Academic Performance

Pioneers and Advocates


Dr. Catterall is a huge advocate for arts education. He works to understand human development and brain fuction, as well as the importance of joining the arts with academic subjects.

The arts promote creative thought and an ability to express oneself. Academically, the arts have proven to accerlate congnitive learning and function as well as increase test scores and perfomance within the classroom. If something most children enjoy can beso helpful to overall academic performance and even child development, why shouldn't art education be encouraged and promote by all?

James Catterall

Jessica Hoffman Davis

Dr. Davis has worked to make progress in arts educations through research via Project Zero to explore the need for arts within the educational system. She has written many books on the topic of art education, inlcuding Why Our Schools Need the Arts.


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