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Art Class

Characteristics reinforced by Art ClassPersistence: work over long periods of time and continue despite frustrationExpression: student's emotion and voiceEnvisioning: forming mental images internally and using them to guide actionsInnovation: experimenting and taking risks to see what can be learned; breaking the normReflective Self-evaluation: analyze, judge and reconceive projects

"Students involved in the arts do better in school and on their SATs than those who are not involved""...visual arts students are trained to look, a task far more complex than one might think. Seeing is framed by expectation, and expectation often gets in the way of perceiving the world accurately."

The Necessity of Art Class

"Think about the shapes, colors, lines, and textures"

-visual-spatial abilities-reflection-self-criticism-willingness to experiment-learn from mistakes

"In an educational system strapped for money and increasingly ruled by standardized tests, arts courses can seem almost a needless extravagance, and the arts are being cut back at schools across the country."

Let 'mistakes' lead to unexpected discoveries

Many of these are ignored by standardized tests

Is that working? Is this what I intended to do? Can I make this better?

The arts teach vital modes of seeing, imagining, inventing and thinking.

Faces are commonly drawn incorrectly because of the artist's expectation of proportions.

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