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Art Blakey

Extraordinary Drummer

Leader of Hard-Bop

Art Blakey

Birth:Born on Octber 11th, 1919.Death:Died in 1990 at Age 71

Bio info:Began in a church learning piano at school and the bible.By seventh grade he played music full-time.Lead his own band at a young age.Club offered him the chance to play drums.His aggressive drum style was based off of Chick Webb, Sid Catlett, and Ray Bauduc.Met a teen named Errol Garner who played piano.Together they started their carreers.

Names:Art BlakeyAbdullah Ibn BuhainaThe MessengerThe Tiger of Jazz

Career details:Started out as a pianist at the Democratic Club.Career lasted six decades (60 years).Became a apprentice to a ledgendary drummer.Created a band in 1937 with a Pianist named Mary Lou Williams.Toured with other performers for three years starting in 1939.Prior to 1948 he went to Africa and learned polyrhythmic drumming.1955 He and Horace Silver started the Jazz Messengers quintet.Toured through the US, Europe, and Tokyo.The band survived the jazz drought in the 70’s.Was put in the jazz hall of fame in 1982

Special musical innovations:Played a constant two and four beat on the high-hat that people could easily recognize.Altered tom-tom pitch with his elbow.Gave many musicians their way into musical fame.Particular characteristics of movement covered (be-bop)Played the “funky jazz” type of Hard BopThe creator of HardBop:BluesRhythmGospel

Important recordings:Timmon’s Moanin’Golson’s Along Came BettyBlues MarchShorter’s Ping Pong.Recorded at Blue Notes Records:A Night in TunisiaWhisper NotWee DotAre You RealMayrehSplit KickMinor’s HolidayFunk in Deep FreezeAu PrivaveWheel Within a Wheel

Instrument:PianoDrums (main)Used:Kit: GretschCymbals: ZildjianSticks: Gretsch

How artist exemplifies characteristics of the movement covered:Included blues roots to the hard bop music.Dark symbol sound.Loud snare.bass drum accents in triplets or cross-rhythms.

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