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Art album

-Roman Coliseum, made with stones for the emperor Vespasian (72 d.C.) Although a building can be seen in this unity, balance and proportion which was made to create a feeling of fullness. You can also see how having both generally shaped like bows, something that can be observed is the space that was given to draw people's attention and let him know that it is an important construction, we can also observe how lines are used to separate the coliseum in different sections.To me this is one of the architectural works of art that I like for its beauty and history that this has besides being one of the constructions to be a long maintained that many people at least heard.-Sculpture athlete playing discóbolo fact marble (76 AD), in this sculpture can be seen form, proportion and balance that the artist used to create a realistic look, we can also appreciate the way the space and the lines that use the artist to create the illusion of movement.In particular I liked this sculpture by the way in which artists began to create a much more real and aesthetic art.

Art Album

Prehistoric Art of a horse, made in the walls of a cave, in this we can be seen as the image texture is smooth and hard at the same time, you can also see the lines that were used to create this work of art.We can also observe the contrast was used to mark the separation in the horse's body, plus it is also seen as the creator I wanted to try to capture the proportion of painting and consistency of colors used to paint looks.I like this painting because at that time the colors and imagination were very limited, but that did not stop the artist to create this work of art that would transcend history.Prehistoric art, made in the wall of a cave, It can be seen as the texture of the image is very similar to all artwork made in aque time, ie smooth and hard, you can also see the similarity in the use of lines in the paint as elsewhere made that time.If you look carefully you can see the contrast, proportion and consistency of colors typical of that time.I like this painting for the stage presented in this, and the color that de author used to each animal.

Head of Akhenaton and his wife, in this two sculpture we can observe de detail that de egiptian used to make their emperadors less realistyc, and the same time the tecnics used to created a realistyc face, the shape and the lineas in this sculpture reporesent all the art made in that piriod.I like this two sculpture for there form and the uses of the principles of art to create this amezing sculture and transcendent art of the humans.

Greek tableware, made with clay in 1900 a.C.We can apreciated in this two example of the most common art of the greeksm we can observe thetexture, colors and the shape of this tableware, the greek used this element to make more stetic and amazing this simple tablewares and also we can observe the equlibium, proprtion and the contrast of this tableware, this made the art have move, it is incredible how that culture can represent a goods in this form so skilful.I like this art because i'm always fan of these things, so beautiful, so aesthetic, which in turn are decorative and tell a story or even communicate more than just looks.


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