Art 8 - U3L3 - Celebrating with Art - Enrichment

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Art 8 - U3L3 - Celebrating with Art - Enrichment

Enrichment Requirements1. Brainstorm a list of ideas of things that you "celebrate"; they can be family traditions, special occasions, or events that you look forward to.2. Once you've come up with your idea, use a sheet of 8.5"x11" paper and draw a picture (by hand, not on the computer) of the event that you celebrate.3. Once your image is drawn (and fills the entire paper), please color it in completely. You may use crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.4. Please also tell me, in at least 1 paragraph (5 sentences minimum), what the event is that you drew and enjoy celebrating. You may tell me about the event in a webmail.5. Once your artwork and short-story are finishied, please webmail me both items.6. This optional enrichment opportunity is due to me no later than Friday 5/2/14.

Artwork can celebrate a place, time, location, object, or person.

Art 8U3L3 - Celebrating with ArtENRICHMENT4/1/14

Landscape art was our country's first major art movement.

What do you celebrate?

Historic artworks can show us what people did in the past, what they wore, what tools/materials they used, and what the landscape looked like.

If you could create a celebration artwork, what would you want to show the viewer?

The use of atmospheric perspective allows the artist to give the illusion of depth (3D space) on a flat (2D) surface.

The focal point of any artwork is going to be the center of interest: it's the most important part of the artwork that you wantyour viewer to look at.

Celebratory artworks can be created in many styles. Such as: realistic, abstract, romantic, and more!

Here are some artworks that celebrate the beauty of the natural landscape...

Artist: Derek McCrea

Artist: William Guy WallArtwork: "Running the Stag"

Artist: Gustave CourbetArtwork: "Landscape with Stag"


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