Art 8 - U2L4 - Family Traditions Artwork Extra Credit

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Art 8 - U2L4 - Family Traditions Artwork Extra Credit

Art 8February 2018"Family Tradition Book Cover" Extra Credit Opportunity

Visual artworks have long been used to record history, stories, messages, and family traditions

All artists use inspiration, creativity, and innovation

Due by:Friday 3/16/18

Visual artworks, along with literary artworks, can communicate messages to your viewers

Family Traditons Requirements1. Brainstorm a list of traditions that you and your family have (school appropriate)2. Choose one of the family traditions and begin to make a rough sketch of your tradition3. When you're ready to create your final artwork, you may use the computer, pencil/paper, crayons, markers, etc. However, you MUST create your artwork on the provided "book cover" template. 4. In your final artwork, you need to show a tradition that you and your family have; remember, you are communicating a message to your viewer - be sure your message is clear within the artwork you're creating (don't put words!) -- I should be able to figure out your family tradition by just looking at the artwork.5. Be sure that your artwork is colored in and it's nice and neat; TAKE YOUR TIME!6. Once your artwork is finished, please webmail it to me by no later than Friday 3/16/18. Please include a brief description of your tradition.

Mrs. Milam's "Family Traditions" ArtworkWhat's my family tradition?

Now it's your turn to tell a story through a visual artistic creation!



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