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Chemical Elements

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Element Symbol: AsAtomic #: 33Atomic Mass: 74.92State of Matter at Room Temperature:SolidMelting Temperature:817°CBoiling Temperature:614°C


Physical Properties• Comes in three colors: Yellow, Black, Metallic Grey (with grey being most common)• Has no scent, however mixed with other elements it may.• Very brittle• Metalloid solid.

Chemical Properties• When mixed with Oxygen, produces a flame and smells like garlic. • When heated, it changes into a gas (sublime).• Arsenic is dangerous to health or life at 5mg -3.

How It's Found• Arsenic is found in small deposits in earth and is mined. Also, Arsenic is found in its pure elemental form.

Discovery• Arsenic was discovered by Albertus Magnus in 1250 A.D. It was found in Germany.

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Interesting Facts:• Immediately dangerous to life or health at 5mg m-3. •However, our bodies need a 0.00001% amount of arsenic in order for growth and a healthy nervous system.

Arsenic Uses:Arsenic used used to preserve wood and is an insecticide. Small amounts of arsenic are also used in ead ammunition.


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