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ArsenicElement Symbol: AsAtomic #: 33Mass #: 7Classification: MetalloidStandard State: Solid

Ground Arsenic

Liquid Arsenic

General History- Arsenic was first mined by the ancient Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian civilizations.- It was first obtained by Albertus Magnus by heating soap with orpiment (an orange/yellow mineral with traces of arsenic.)- Abertus Magnus documented this element in the year 1250.

Where Found and How Formed- formed in the ground (processes unknown)- found in compounds with metals- mined- most prominent in geothermal areas such as hot springs

Unusual Effects/ Biological Rolecan...- increase risk of cancers - cause skin diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetesA dose of 100 mg at once can kill a grown human.- can be used by some bacteria as respiratory metabolites

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Description- usually steel gray (sometimes yellow)- 3.5 hardness- specific heat 0.0822 cal/g/C- good electrical conductor- crystalline- very brittle (fragile)

Environmental Effects- burning wood preserved by arsenic: can cause fatalities in humans and animals- high concentration in drinking water can lead to cancer- is absorbed by all plants through soil- can be found in seafood

Cancers include liver cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and skin cancer.

Extraction/IsolationArsenic is extracted by heating minerals at a certain temperature in the absence of air. It is extracted in compounds by mining.


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