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Human Anatomy

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What should you avoid to reduce your risk of Arrhythmia?


Arrhythmia is any change in the heart's normal rhythm

Implantable Cardioverter Defribulators (ICD):A small device that detects when the heart is not beating normally and shocks the heart to re-establish the normal rhythm. It is very effective in preventing death in patients with several kinds of arrhythmia.


Abalation:Abalation is a procedure in which the small portion of the heart that is producing the extra impulses is killed in a painless way with very little risk of complications.

Artificial Pacemaker:A small battery powered device that helps the heart establish its proper rhythm. It replaces the SA node to generate the electrical pulses that cause the heart to beat

Medications:There are several types of medications avalible to treat arrhythmia. Some help to restore the heart's natural rhythm, and some are clot preventive to deal with some results of arrhythmia.

Web Sites UsedHeart Rhythm Foundation: Heart Association:

What is abalation?

Prevention:Lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes a low-fat diet with lots of fruit and vegatables and plenty of excercise. You should not smoke or consume too much alcohol or caffine. Avoid stress and negative emotions. Most other heart diseases and conditions can lead to arrhythmia and should be treated as soon as possible.

Ventricular Fibrilation:Ventricals quiver, heart can't pump blood

Tachycardia:Too Fast

Premature Contractions:Extra beat, then a more powerful one

Types of Arrhytmia:Atrial FibrillationBradycardiaConduction DisordersPremature ContractionsTachycardiaVentricular Fibrillation

Conduction Disorders:When the electrical signal is interupted or disrupted

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Atrial Fibrilation:Irregualar or Quivering in the atriums

What is Bradycardia?

Statistics:14.4 million people are effected by Arrhythmia54 out of 1000 people are effected by Arrhythmia2.7 million people have Atrial Fibrilation

How many people are effected buy Atrial Fibrillation?

Bradycardia:Too slow


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