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Social Studies

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Around the World

Here is some traditional Thai food! Looks like Pad Thai to me! Thai food generally tries to balance sweet, salty, bitter and sour in their dishes.

This is a statue of the statue of Buddha, the God most Thai people worship.

THIALAND!That's where I would go! There is so much culture and good food to have in Thialand and I've always wanted to see elephants!

When i was little there was a Thai restaurant that I would go to with my family and ever since then, I have wanted to visit Thailand and meet the people from there. Thailand is in Southeast Asia and is known as the Kingdom of Thailand!

This is the traditional dress. There are three parts: Pha Sin, Hua Sin & Tin Sin

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would YOU go?

All Around the World!

Make one yourself!

Standard 2.0 Peoples of the Nation and World

Observe and describe ways people in their school and community meet human needs for food, clothing, shelter, and other commonalities, such as recreation, music, and stories



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