Around the Caribbean in seven days

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Around the Caribbean in seven days

Around the Caribbean in seven days

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Before boarding the boat

Finishing the year 2010 my family and I embarked on a journey through the Caribbean on a cruise for seven days. Together, we began a journey by boat through Curacao, island with beautiful tourist places, where we met the Hato Cave; Panama, Cartagena, magical city surrounded by walls that tell stories; Santa Marta, the oldest city in Colombia, scene of beautiful beaches.After a long day of sailing, we finally arrived at the beautiful island of Aruba, where beautiful landscapes invite you to dream and want to return.


In the pier of Panama

"The opportunities are like waves that come and go but none are equals." Anonymous.This is my favorite quote because it reminds me we should take advantage every opportunity presented to us in life because we don't know if we shall meet again with an equal.

Why English is important nowadays?

My experience

"Maps" is my favorite song because even though the lyrics, the rhythm is very cheerful and sticky.


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