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El Escorial

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Alcalá de Henares

By Alba, Carolina, Dani, María, Marcos, Mario and Miguel A.

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North of Madrid is the spectacular city of Avila. You can visit its old city, surrounded by its imposing walls and its eight monumental gates. It is one of the best-preserved medieval bastions in all Spain, and it is beautiful at night.Avila is the city of Santa Teresa, there are many churches and palaces. Visit the city of avila and try delicious Castilian food in its many restaurants,traditional braseries, and sweet shops. Avia is really worth a visit!

Toledo is one of the most important cities in Spain. It has a lot of history. Toledo is 71 kilometres south of Madrid and has a population of 84,000. The river Tagus goes through Toledo. There are many places to visit, like the historic centre, the Cathedral or the Jewish neighbourhood and The Greco’s home and paintings. You can eat marzipan and buy famous Toledo steel souvenirs. It’s fantastic!

North of madrid, we find Segovia, a world heritage site since 1985 and a city full of ancient history. There you can see its roman aqueduct, visit the historic centre and if you like good reataurants and good roast meat, you should try the dish that has put Segovia on the map: roast suckling pork with potatoes, a truly delicious meal. A visit to segovia makes the perfect day trip if you are near Madrid. I love Segovia!

40 kilometres from Madrid, in the middle of the mountains, is the Royal Site of El Escorial, a beautiful town with a World Heritage monument . This palace was the residence of King Felipe the second and Charles the first.In this Royal Site, we find a Basilica, the Royal Pantheon and the Monastery. The Royal Pantheon is where the kings and queens from Charles I to the present days are buried. If you visit the inside the Royal Site you will be able to see the Royal Library, with some paintings by The Bosch, The Greco and Velázquez.Come to El Escorial, it is amazing!

Alcalá de Henares is a beautiful city. It has a populations of 400,000. The best writer in Spain, Miguel de Cervantes, was born there. You must visit Alcalá de Henares if you go to Madrid.

The small town of Chinchón is perfect for a day trip. You must visit its famous central plaza, go to its autumn garlic festival, or to its anisette liquor festival if you come in the spring, the typical drink from chinchon.Chinchón is full of tempting and beautiful restaurants in its main plazaTry the traditional sweets, like homemade donuts filled with truffle cream and fresh whipped cream, or comoe to their famous carnival

Aranjuez is a beautiful city. It’s in the south of Madrid. In Aranjuez you can visit the Royal Palace and walk around the gardens. The city of Aranjuez also has a bullfighting ring. There is an important composer called Joaquín Rodrigo who composed “The concert of Aranjuez”. You must visit this beautiful town.


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